1. Project a Positive Self Image
Posture is the hidden key to achieving your perfect body. For lasting change create a new you by keeping your shoulders in your “back pockets” and head held high.

2. Change How You Eat
Eat 5-6 small meals a day and don’t skip breakfast. For fat loss, avoid foods containing high-fructose corn syrup. Eating less food more often keeps your metabolism “hot by facilitating Thermogenesis.

3. Boost Energy
Leave your problems at the door. Stay hydrated and use your warm-up time to get your game face on by mentally preparing yourself for a fun work-out. You’re ready when you start to lightly sweat.

4. Accelerate Fat Loss
Build up to doing 200+ cumulative minutes each week of cardio and advance with higher intensity intervals, not more time. That’s about 30 minutes a day or 50 minutes 4 times a week. 

5. Become Flexible
Hold your stretches for 10 - 30 seconds, performing a set of stretches slowly reaching farther each time without bouncing. Do some stretching everyday.

6. Walk the Walk
Keep your foot strike pattern forward in a heal-toe alignment. If you’re using a piece of equipment, don’t hang on for dear life. You will burn more calories.

7. Abs & Breathing
Each breath is a chance to work abs. Breath naturally as you exhale at the hardest part of an exercise like you’re fogging up a glass; not like you're blowing out birthday candles. Feel how making this ”H” sound tightens up your abs. Contrast that with how candles blowing pushes your abs out.


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