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Learn the latest exercise science on proper form, posture and corrective stretching for your body. Proper Form training is a great way to meet your Trainer and get comfortable whether or not you join the Encore program. These optional Proper Form lessons boost your confidence and familiarize you with the Encore system.

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Unlimited sessions per week, any available trainer, any LVAC location

Accountability determines every athlete's success. Get the benefit of an Encore personal trainer at a lower rate per person than one-on-one with your Encore personal trainer. There are 1-4 people on average per session that begin every hour.

Encore circuit training is fun, creative, and time-efficient. Set up regular recurring appointments to perform better. You may also call or text last minute.

  • Modified for each unique person based on your goal
  • Placement available for beginners or professional athletes

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    Recommended for beginners, or individuals who require expert supervision due to potentially life-threatening or physical handicaps. Some individuals also prefer one-on-one elite instruction until they become more confident, while others prefer VIP exclusivity. Bring water, towel, and Polar heart rate monitor watch w/chest strap (required ASAP).

    One on One may be needed and is a case by case situation for special populations or those who want
    privacy. Some people recovering from injury or those who need more supervision until their bodies
    become more coordinated and athletic may need one-on-one. The cardiovascular system will
    become stronger with consistent exercise.

  • Pay as you go
  • One-On-One 3 days/week & Unlimited Encore Circuit Training
  • Month to Month
  • Buy 6 Months get 6 Months Free!
      Expires 12 months from date of first session. Average 144 sessions (48/52 weeks).
      Daily doubles, multiple sessions allowed to meet averages.
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    You will be assigned two Encore Personal Trainers for double accountability to report your weigh-ins each week. Tracking each week at the same time of day will allow your trainers to offer you encouragement, praise and valuable feedback, and ensures that they make timely adjustments to your exercise routine and custom meal plan.

    Your weigh-ins will include body fat testing and weekly accountability for total cardio minutes completed based on your custom fitness program goals designed by your Encore certified personal trainer.

    Think of this plan as a way to more precisely monitor monthly progress. For those who prefer more value with less driving time, we offer phone, email and text accountability to keep you on track. While on the Encore weekly weigh-in program, if we don't hear from you, we will contact you to see how we can help.

    This program tracks your weigh-ins for Encore contests, athletic competitions, performances, employers, family, and friends.

    Weekly Weigh-Ins - (Check price list)

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